b i j o u ` s - b l o g

for your big fat information, this is our imagination !


i like it when you talk, talk.
I am Bijou. Foreign is my favorite flavour. Soul Eater Evans would make the best husband ever. I'mtotallynothomoforhinatareally. Thinks Veneciano topping Ludwig makes much more sense (After all, he is ITALIAN). I thought curly haired men weren't my type, then Robert Sheehan invaded my dreams. Mugi-vision is the best vision! IDGAF if she's Disney, Selena Gomez is bloody adorable. French is a sexy language on it's own, Seychelles/France/Canada just made it that much hotter. Plushy is a fierce platinum bitch, the pope is catholic, the bears shit in the woods. lapslocking is fun. Proper grammar is great. AND CAPSLOCKING IS AWESOME.

I think you've seen too much, so at this point: I'M GONNA HAVE TO SEE YOUR JOHNNY, THANKS.